Hide-E-Hole Ferret Rescue

The Shelter

The Hide-E-Hole Ferret Rescue is located in Pittsburgh, PA. We take in unwanted ferrets, get them medical care as needed, work on behavior issues, and strive to find good, permanent homes. If the ferret is deemed unadoptable (usually due to serious health problems), we will keep that ferret for the rest of its natural life. As a true no-kill shelter, we only euthanize in the case of medical necessity. We rely on the support of volunteers and sponsors to support our cause and any support is appreciated. The shelter was incorporated in November 2002, is a registered non-profit in Pennsylvania and is a subsidiary of the Three Rivers Ferret Council, which is a 501(c)3 Federal Non-Profit Organization.

The Owner

Barb Carlson loves all animals, but has a special place in her heart for ferrets. She loves the ferret’s intelligence and unique view on life. She even loves how ferrets are gleefully unrepentant when they wreak havoc. Barb is more inclined to laugh at a pile of shredded paper towels than to get angry, and is well-known for taking photos of disasters before starting the cleanup. She was involved in ferret rescue on an information level for about 5 years before the shelter was founded.


We receive NO municipal money or grants. We survive solely on donations from the public, adoption donations and through the sales of a few products (like Oxyfresh). We have NO paid employees. All work is done by volunteers. We pay our volunteers in ferret kisses!