Adopted Ferrets

Updated: September 28, 2015


Calypso & Bart

  • Gender: M & F
  • Date of Birth: 10/17/10 (Bart) 7/12/12 (Calypso)
  • Adoption Donation: $75 each

Calypso is a beautiful female sable blaze with a lovely white bib. As with almost all blazes (white stripe on the head), she’s deaf, but that doesn’t slow her down at all. Bart is a male sable mitt with a bib, too. Both are very, very lively and play for a very long time. Calypso loves to climb anything and everything. Bart’s claim to fame is that he will store all the stuffed toys in a litter pan in the corner of the room! Sweet, funny little ferrets.

Bart and Calypso must be housed together. They nip a little bit, and they do not like other ferrets. They have been at the shelter for quite awhile and would love to find their forever home soon! They enjoy eating the shelter’s duck soup and freeze dried raw.

If you are interested in Bart and Calypso, please fill out an application here. Visits by appointment only. Thank you for looking!

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  • Coat Color: Sable
  • Behavior: Lively, playful
  • Gender: F
  • Date of Birth: 03/14/2009
  • Adoption Donation: Negotiable

Click here to submit an application: I want to adopt.

Sasha is a lively little girl. She’s very active, plays like a maniac but doesn’t like other ferrets. She is currently quite healthy. She lost her buddy, Sidney, a few months ago and now she’s a single.



  • Coat Color: Sable
  • Behavior: Wild
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 07/15/2009
  • Adoption Donation: $75

Click here to submit an application: I want to adopt.

8659-Karma-crop-300Karma came in with Deuce and it would be nice if she could stay with her brother. Karma is a wild little female who loves to play, dash around, steal small stuffed animals, and get into everything and anything. She loves rubbery toys (make sure they are ferret safe!) and will sometimes nip on naked toes. She will cuddle a little while once she’s played long enough, but that might take a while. She seems to have a lot of energy packed into that delicate little body. She’s very dark for a sable and her mask changes with the seasons. Her favorite toy is a small Kong toy.

Karma supposedly at one time liked other ferrets, but since she’s been here, she seems to only want to play with her buddy, Deuce. Karma originally came into the shelter in October 2011. She and her brother, Deuce, were surrendered because the owner had very bad allergies to the ferrets. They’d originally been owned by someone else who would never let them out of the cage. So this person took them and discovered they were allergic. Three days later they were adopted. This owner kept them until this January (2013) when she brought them back (along with three other ferrets) because of a serious depression that was making it impossible to care for the ferrets.

Despite being neglected early in life, Karma doesn’t let anything get her down. She is happy to be alive and happy to be wherever she is at the moment — at least until she spots somewhere else to be, then she wants to be there. She loves it when you dangle a blanket or small towel in front of her and especially enjoys the tubes and rice dig box. She likes N-bones and peanut butter Bandit treats. She will also eat pieces of cooked chicken.

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