Donate Supplies

Ferrets Need Many Things

A house full of ferrets requires a lot of supplies. If you prefer to donate goods, please select from a list below. [Updated 04/25/16]

  • Paper towels
  • Wood pellet litter (we use the kind for wood-burning stoves but something like Feline Pine works, too)
  • Food: Orijen Cat/Kitten Chicken, Innova EVO Ferret, Innova EVO Dog Little Bites Chicken, Natures Variety Instinct Chicken Meal (also Duck & Turkey Meal, and Rabbit Meal), Instinct Raw Boost Kibble for Cats (any variety), Wild Prairie Cat & Kitten, Wellness CORE Grain Free Kitten Formula. [If you want to know why we have chosen these foods rather than more common ferret foods, please check out the food chart on the More Dooks website: Food Chart ]
  • Frontline (any kind, any size – used for fleas as well as ear mite treatment
  • Hairball remedy: Laxatone, FerretLax, KittyMalt (or other hairball remedy)
  • Q-tips
  • Biz laundry additive (gets poop stains out)
  • Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (these work wonders on plastic)
  • Cotton baby receiving blankets (can be found cheap at second hand stores and they wash well)
  • Washable underpads/bed pads 35×35
  • Pieces of polar fleece fabric for blankets

There are many ways you can help Hide-E-Hole Ferret Rescue. You can donate time, knowledge, funds, supplies, or even your talent. To see the ways in which you can help please visit the Donations page or contact us.