We Need Your Help

We simply can’t survive without help from others. Please feel free to contact us if you have a way to assist, or look at the suggestions below.

How Can You Help?

  • Donate Time
    Give a little time to help out a ferret.
  • Donate Funds
    Most of our funds go to vet care, medication and food.
  • Donate Supplies
    These little guys need a LOT of stuff.
  • Hide-E-Hole Wish List on
    Many people would like to help the shelter, but aren’t sure how. Now there is an easier way! Go to my Hide-E-Hole Wish List to view a list of what the shelter needs. Some things are very expensive but others are under $10. Please consider making a donation and helping the ferrets! Items will be removed as the wishes are fulfilled and other items added, so please check back from time to time.