Legalize ferrets in California!



Do you live in California? Are you considering getting a job there?

Ferrets are illegal in California, and the rest of the world thinks this is rather dumb. In all the years, there have been NO feral colonies either in California (they may be illegal but there are lots of ferrets in CA) or surrounding states where they are legal.

If you own a ferret in California, you risk having your good buddy seized and killed or at the very least deported to a neighboring state.

Please join the effort to legalize ferrets in California. Join the Ferret Legalization Effort. If you live in California, sign the petition. If you don’t live in California, donate money to help the effort and spread the word near and far.

Click on the Legalize Ferrets Fundraising Campaign and help free ferrets!

Why feed high quality food?


Q: Just wondering, what’s the benefit of your custom food mix versus one of the ferret foods out there? A: We feed high protein, high fat, no grain, low carb — as close to what a carnivore should eat as we could get. Plant proteins encourage the formation of bladder stones, which is an emergency…

Richard and Hannah


Richard came into the shelter in January 2015 when he was about 8 months old. The family had two ferrets, but the young owner didn’t like Richard (he was nippy) and didn’t let him out to play. They also couldn’t afford to care for two, so they surrendered Richard. When he first came, he banged…



Ollie is the last of a large group of ferrets. She was surrendered with 3 other ferrets, and four more older ferrets were due to come in because the owner was moving to Virginia. The older ferrets ended up staying with the owner. Ollie was left alone, so we put her in with Bandit’s group….

Bandit, Charlie, Daisy and Louie


Bandit, Charlie, Daisy and Louie were surrendered because the owner was overwhelmed caring for her dying mother AND had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. They are all beautiful, happy ferrets. Daisy is the tiniest female we’ve seen in a while. She keeps the boys in line, though! She’s also friends with Ollie, an unrelated…