Pretty little Pip










Pip is a cute little albino female who was adopted in April 2014 and returned October 2014. They said she pooped all over the cage and were “afraid to let her out” … so she spent 6 months in ferret jail. Since returning to the shelter, we’ve had no issues with illegal poopage at all, so we don’t know what that was all about. She’s sweet and gets along with other ferrets.

Ferrets coming out of the woodwork here


If you’ve looked at the page of ferrets looking for homes and thought we only had three ferrets, you haven’t found the rest of them. There are six pages of ferrets!                       And that’s not all of them!

Caring for a ferret with insulinoma

This question was posed on a Facebook group and this is my (rather long-winded) reply. What can I do for my ferret with insulinoma? Our old guy was diagnosed a few months back and for the last few weeks has had diarrhea. The vet thinks it’s a GI infection (he’s been on two different rounds…

List of ferrets updated


With some help from a kindly volunteer, we have updated the photos of ferrets available for adoption. Go to Ferret awaiting adoption and check out the photos. A couple are looking for sponsors, but the rest are up for adoption. Fill out an application (the link is in the description) and make an appointment to…

DO NOT FEED: Brown’s Natural Chicken Strips Ferret Treats


Natural Chicken Strips Ferret Treats, made by F.M. Brown’s Sons, Inc., are made in China! Do not feed anything to any living creature that is made in China. [If you want to know why, Google “China tainted food”]. What is particularly upsetting about this is that the company said: Made in the USA F.M. Brown’s…