List of ferrets on Petfinder

If you’d like to put in an application, please fill out this form: Adoption Application. We usually have more ferrets than those listed due to the time needed to photograph and describe the ferrets.

Please note: We serve the greater Pittsburgh, PA area. If you are more than a 2-hour drive away (check Google Maps) there is most likely another shelter closer to you. There is a shelter in Central PA, Eastern PA, MD, NJ, NY, VA, several in OH … check the listing here if you live outside my area: Ferret Shelter Listing.

CLOSED FOR CHRISTMAS VACATION: The shelter will be closed for Christmas vacation from December 14 through the New Year. If we have any large seizures of ferrets, I will post to let you know. If we have ferrets left to foster for Christmas, I will post them right before vacation. I hope all the ferrets out there and all their owners have a wonder, fun, Christmas/Holiday season! If you would like suggestions for good gifts for your ferret, let me know.

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