Donate Time

Give Some Time, Help a Ferret

These furry critters need a lot of attention and work. Please feel free to give of yourself to help around the shelter, or help by promoting our cause. Listed below are a few things that can always use attention, but feel to suggest others!

Shelter cleanup


  • Empty, disinfect and refill litter boxes
  • Take out any soiled bedding and replace with fresh
  • Rinse and refill water dishes and water bottles
  • Refill food dishes
  • Pick up soiled newspaper around edges of room, and clean up any accidents
  • Put fresh newspaper inside litter pans around room
  • Wash out large communal water dishes and refill (one in living room and one in kitchen)
  • Refill large litter bin as needed


  • Switch out stale bedding around rooms with fresh blankets, sacks, etc. (drawers under futon, bedding between futon and wall, bedding under cages in sleep boxes, etc.)
  • Do complete switch out of bedding in cages
  • Groom ferrets (ears, nails)
  • Give out hairball remedy
  • Wash water dishes, water bottles and food dishes
  • Disinfect litter pans around room (the ones outside the cages)


  • Wash ferret toys
  • Wipe down cages
  • Wipe down walls in room with cages
  • Change cage covers


  • Power wash cages

Promotion/Fund raising

  • If you are artistically inclined, you might make something to raffle off, design clip art to be used in brochures and newsletters, design merchandise to sell, or whatever you might be interested in doing.
  • If you are a people person, pet stores (mostly Petco) have been asking for someone from the shelter to do meet and greets. We call them FADs — Ferret Awareness Days. You basically set up a time to be there, take one or two ferrets (either your own or shelter ferrets) and talk to people about ferrets, how to care for them, what foods are good, etc.
  • Come up with new ideas to raise money or promote awareness of ferrets!

If you’d like to become a regular volunteer, do something on a case by case basis, or just make something, contact us!. We’re always open to new ideas and sincerely appreciate those who volunteer their time. We couldn’t do it without you.