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Updated: September 28, 2015


Faye (#2)

  • Coat Color: Sable
  • Behavior: Sweet
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 10/01/06 (approximate)
  • Adoption Donation: Negotiable

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Faye was found, along with Phred, in a cage in an abandoned house. The house had a number of cats and at least one dog at some point, and the place was filthy with excrement. The cage was so full of poop it was piled halfway up to the next level. Someone was apparently feeding them, but hadn’t been there in a while. When they were rescued, they had no food or water. They were flea-ridden and emaciated. It took three baths to get most of the dirt off their fur, and while ferrets don’t usually like baths, these guys were desperate to get clean. They actually looked grateful and didn’t try to get out of the water.

They immediately went into foster care, since they were a little older and debilitated, and we didn’t want to expose them to the other ferrets at the shelter. Here is a statement about her behavior from the foster mom:

Faye’s a real sweetheart, and if you catch her napping, she will usually continue her nap in your lap. What a thief, though! Toys twice her size end up in her cage, and one time, every Kong toy in the house was in her nest box! Is she playing ferret monopoly?

Phred and Faye need to stay together. They do not get along with other ferrets.

Please read our Adoption Guidelines, as well as the Ferret Proofing article.



  • Coat Color: Albino
  • Behavior: Lively, playful
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 02/10/08 (approximate)
  • Adoption Donation: $75

Nikita was thrown out of a moving car on Route 19 in Washington, PA. Luckily, someone saw it happen and picked her up before she was killed by a car. She’s a happy, sturdy girl, bigger than most pet store ferrets. In fact, she is not one of the typical Marshall Farms or Path Valley ferrets because she has not been descented. This does NOT affect her smell. All this means is that if she is injured, sick or very frightened, she can make a little stink that lasts about 10 minutes. Ferrets who are not neutered smell bad. Nikita HAS been spayed, so she does not smell bad.

She seems to be deaf or at least hard of hearing … not that something silly like that slows her down. She’s a power weasel! She plays for hours and joyfully explores anything and everything. When this little girl plays, she plays hard. She’s a fast little thing, darting around, stopping to look at you and dashing off. She’s a lot of fun.

If you would like to adopt this ferret you can fill out the application form here. Please note that before adopting a ferret from Hide-E-Hole you should read our Adoption Guidelines first.

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