DO NOT FEED: Brown’s Natural Chicken Strips Ferret Treats



Natural Chicken Strips Ferret Treats, made by F.M. Brown’s Sons, Inc., are made in China! Do not feed anything to any living creature that is made in China. [If you want to know why, Google “China tainted food”].

What is particularly upsetting about this is that the company said:

Made in the USA

F.M. Brown’s Sons, Inc., recently unveiled a line of natural treats. Sue Brown, vice president of client services and marketing, says, “Our new Tropical Carnival Natural line of treats for small animals is the latest offering in our natural food and treat category for specialty pets. Our treats are naturally good for pets, are 100-percent edible and free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, and can be offered daily.”

Made in China :(

Made in China 🙁

On the back of the bag, it clearly states: “Made in China”. This is false advertising at its most dangerous. This product claims to be natural and safe and “does not contain added color, artificial flavors or synthetic substances”.

China has a very bad track record for safety (tainted wheat containing melamine killed thousands of pets, fake infant milk sickened 600,000 babies in several countries, hams were soaked in the pesticide Dichlorvos, factories were using industrial-grade salt to pickle vegetables and were spraying pesticides containing high amounts of DDVP on the pickled vegetables before shipment, and soy sauce made from human hair gathered from barbershop floors and waste containers)

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