Getting Them To Eat It

Sometimes ferrets won’t eat something we offer them, even though we know it’s good and most other ferrets like it. In this case, rubbing a bit on the tongue once or twice a day for several days will usually do the trick.

For example, some ferrets don’t know Ferretone is wonderful. Others will gobble it right down, but some will turn up their nose. I’ve never had it take more than 3 days of “taste-testing” to convince a ferret that Ferretone is pretty darn good.

If you’re trying to get them to switch foods, you’ll need to start slowly. Mix the new food into the old at around a 25% to 75% ratio in a small canister or bag. When that’s gone, increase the new to old ratio. Let them eat that. Continue to gradually increase the new food until there is no longer any old food. This will prevent a ferret from going on a hunger strike and refusing to eat, as well as helping to prevent stomach upset from a new diet.

Barb Carlson

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